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AcquaPro: Combines the Italian word for "water" with the English word "project"

The AcquaPro concept was developed over several years by the AcquaPro Worldwide team members and partner organizations. From the outset, design parameters specified that the final plant configuration should be both highly flexible and highly mobile. At every step of the design process, cost, practicality, sustainability, efficient operation, and reliability were kept in mind. Expensive and time-consuming research and development of new or exotic components or technologies were specifically ruled out, resulting in a plant where all elements are both tried-and-true and readily available. It is the unique and innovative manner of configuring the plant on a floating platform that sets AcquaPro apart as the preeminent solution for fast and cost-effective water supply. Whether for emergency response, an interim solution, or long-term water production, no other system on earth matches AcquaPro. We have taken that system even further and offer wastewater treatment solutions, in wide and growing demand worldwide, along with our desalination solutions.


the oceans offer limitless water  ship at sunrise rides on endless supply of water  downtown new orleans an example of water needs after a major natural disaster

The sea holds an unlimited supply of water                AcquaPro converts sea water to potable water anywhere          Meeting the water needs of cities and regions



AcquaPro is conceived as a mobile, modular approach to water desalination and treatment. Initially planned as a barge-mounted floating plant, the same mobile, modular approach has been adapted so that it can be ship-mounted, mounted on a fixed off-shore platform, or shore-based. While the barge-mounted plant is demonstrated in the images presented here, the same containerized and skid-mounted plant can be established in a variety of off-shore and on-shore configurations. These include ship- and platform-mounted, as well as land-based configurations.

Wastewater treatment solutions may be provided in either a mobile, modular configuration or in more conventional fixed configurations, depending on a range of project-specific factors.

A typical AcquaPro barge-mounted plant, as illustrated here, consists of a main barge and a smaller auxiliary barge that serves to supply fuel, chemicals, spare parts, and maintenance to the main barge. The AcquaPro water plant is completely self-contained on the main barge. The top deck of the main barge holds the reverse osmosis modules, which are containerized to provide fast, standardized integration and protection from the elements. Also on the top deck are banks of powerful motors, which can be driven by a range of energy sources, drive the reverse osmosis process. The barge hull holds screens and various grades of filters that remove debris, contaminants, and excess salinity from incoming water before it flows to the reverse osmosis units. Desalinated water is pumped ashore via underwater pipes.


 main barge top deck  main barge lower deck  service barge

The top deck holds the reverse osmosis units                              The barge hull holds the water filtration units                   A service barge supplies fuel and chemicals



An AcquaPro installation can be scaled to meet virtually any demand. The basic AcquaPro plant is designed to produce 5 million gallons (19 million liters) of water per day, but smaller units or adding additional modules make the system completely scalable, permitting long-term solutions, not just quick fixes, all at highly competitive capital and operating costs.

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