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AcquaPro: A World of Applications for a Thirsty World

Just as petroleum resources dominated the concerns of the world over the past decades, water promises to become the leading resource issue of the coming decades. An estimated 35 percent of the world's population could face significant water shortages over the next quarter century, and already major shortfalls in fresh water are occurring in places as diverse as the Persian Gulf and South Florida, East Asia and the Eastern Mediterranean, the British Isles and the islands of the Caribbean, the California Coast and South America. Water, even more than land, is dividing countries and begging resolution in the intricate search for peace and prosperity in the Middle East and elsewhere.

Faced with growing economies and populations and the resultant ever-increasing demands put on limited water resources, many countries are looking actively for new sources of this vitally necessary commodity. And in some places, human activities or excessive water withdrawal have led to incursions or deposits of saline water that threaten both the environment and sources of potable water. The diverse applications of AcquaPro can address all these issues.


tropical storms, hurricanes, typhoons, earthquakes, and tsunamis all demand emergency water response  reflections on polluted water that can demand an immediate water supply response  new orleans was a city in which natural disaster damaged the water supply system

When disaster strikes, fast response is critical                 Disasters may contaminate potable water supplies         People's lives and economies depend on water


Emergency Water Response

When disasters strike, as they do regularly around the world and with little or no warning, the need for potable water becomes both critical and immediate. Whether it is a typhoon devastating Bangladesh, hurricanes Katrina and Rita battering the U.S. Gulf Coast, earthquakes striking northwestern India, Pakistan, Haiti, or Chile Chile, the Asian tsunami, or any number of other major natural catastrophes, water usually is the leading need and concern. Pumping stations can be damaged on a short- or long-term basis, water sources overrun with polluted or saline water, and distribution networks contaminated or destroyed. Dehydration, illness, disease, and even death quickly follow. Entire cities, towns, and regions may be rendered uninhabitable, and industry can be forced to grind to a halt. The challenge is to supply clean, usable water quickly and efficiently to people and communities. The AcquaPro system was designed with such an emergency response in mind.

Because they can be brought on line quickly, or even stockpiled in various parts of the world ready for deployment, AcquaPro's mobile and modularized platforms represents a rapid-response solution to the immediate and even long-term demand for an alternate source of water in the wake of natural disasters. And unlike most mobile or portable water solutions, the AcquaPro basic module produces 5 million gallons -- 19 million liters -- of pure water daily, enough to supply tens of thousands of people with fresh, clean, potable water. This represents a large-scale, regional interim solution which can be put in place by international organizations, civil and military government authorities, and NGOs.

Interim Water Supply

Population and economic growth can outstrip available supplies of water. Prolonged drought, such as has afflicted parts of Africa, Europe, and the Southeastern United States, among other areas, can cause serious water disruptions. The lengthy time, often measured in years, required to put in place a land-based desal plant can leave immediate water needs unfilled. AcquaPro represents a fast, economical, effective interim solution to enable local or regional water authorities deal with transitory water shortages or interim needs while longer-term solutions are put into place. Wherever a sea coast exists, or there is inland brackish or saline water, AcquaPro can be put to work supplying water now, not when it is too late. And through use of piping and pumps, or water exchanges, AcquaPro can often supply water from coastal to inland areas.

Permanent Water Solutions

Through regular maintenance and refurbishment, an AcquaPro plant has a functional life expectancy up to 20 years or beyond. The system can represent a long-term or permanent solution to water demand. And unlike such schemes as water transportation, AcquaPro offers water independence -- no need to depend on the whims of another country's or state's policies or the vagaries of political events. Additionally, in jurisdictions where environmental, political, or practical constraints make construction of a traditional land-based water treatment plant difficult or impossible, AcquaPro can represent an effective solution where none others exist.

Terrestrial Applications and Wastewater Treatment

The modular approach of AcquaPro can be put to work in terrestrial applications, too. Decoupled from floating or off-shore platform, the system's containerized and modular components can be located in any on-shore or inland location. AcquaPro also has capability to provide wastewater treatment and water re-use, in high demand in many parts of the world, and can address a wide range of water-related environmental issues. Our advanced and flexible wastewater treatment processes can clean upthe effluent from urban communities or industrial installations.

Our desalination capabilities also can remediate saline ponds resulting from deepwell steam extraction of petroleum or natural gas in places like Wyoming, Montana, Pennsylvania, and Alberta, or desalinate brackish ground or surface water in places such as Florida, Long Island, Arizona and New Mexico, China, or elsewhere where saltwater intrusion has occurred. Flexibility is one of the guiding principls of the AcquaPro concept, which offers both terrestrial and floating applications.

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