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AcquaPro: More Than a Technical Solution

AcquaPro is more than just a technical solution. AcquaPro works with clients, funding agencies, government entities, and partner organizations to identify sources of finance and the most appropriate ownership and operational structure to implement an optimal solution. Options include outright plant acquisition, build-own-operate/maintain (BOO/M) and build-own-transfer (BOT) arrangements, and plant leasing on both short- and longer-term bases.


beyond technical solutions acquapro worldwide offers financial and business solutions

  AcquaPro works closely with clients, funding agencies, governments, and partner organizations to offer optimal water supply, financial, and business solutions


AcquaPro Worldwide offers total technical, financial, and business solutions

AcquaPro Worldwide, Inc., combines specialized skills in water plant engineering and design, barge-building, finance, marketing, and operations. Among the benefits we offer are these:

  • Rapid response to provide potable and high-grade industrial water almost anywhere in the world;

  • Technical and logistic support in designing and offering the most intelligent, cost-effective solutions for both off-shore and on-shore desalination and wastewater treatment, along with integration with treatment, storage, and distribution facilities;

  • On-going and future support to develop and implement long-range water supply and wastewater treatment solutions;

  • Assembling the most appropriate finance arrangements for a given client and installation;

  • Full operational support to operate and maintain our plants to meet client requirements;

  • Complete training support for client operations teams;

  • Exploration, development, and integration of new green technologies to support greater energy efficiency and specialized applications.

About AcquaPro Worldwide, Inc.

AcquaPro was envisaged as an American technology, a product of American ingenuity, engineering, and industry. Fully American in concept and design, it also is planned to be of primarily American construction, integration, and operation, although assembly and deployment can be arranged anywhere in the world.

Along with supplying water, AcquaPro can generate jobs and economic growth wherever it is built or operated. Water filtration and processing equipment assembly and integration, maritime industries, and skilled labor all stand to benefit from the AcquaPro system.

AcquaPro Worldwide, Inc., is incorporated in the state of Wyoming, U.S.A., and is managed from our U.S. Gulf Coast operational headquarters.

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